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Gál Lajos Olaszrizling 2009

gal lajos olaszrizling2008

An Olaszrizling from Egerszólát of the year 2009, one of the most important wines of our vinery, it is one of the “main host” wines. The so called main host wines of Eger are the Olaszrizling of Egerszólát, the siller ...

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Eszter Bora 2009 Gál Lajos Pincészete

eszter bora gal

Esther’s wine is a semi sweet white from 2009, which is a wonderful combination of several Olaszrizling among them an Olaszrizling from Kántortag (a famous area in the Eger region) in Egerszólát (a village near Eger). The wine has matured ...

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