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Péter Bora 2004 Gál Lajos Pincészete

Péter Bora 2004 What does a father do when he wants to motivate his children to do the chores in the wine cellar? He names wines after them! It is so much easier to get someone to wash out winebarrels when the washer knows that a wine named after him is going to be poured into that barrel! This is a really great redwine of Eger where the greatness is not in the tannine content which erodes your palate but in the richness and elegance. we fermented it in barrels for two and a half years and now it has been waiting in the bottle to reach the peak of its arch and it is nearing that peak. 43% Kékfrankos, 36% menoir and 21% pinot noir. The colour of the church windows is a semi-deep rubin on the side of the glass, spicy and fruity fragrance and an elegant bottle bouquet, very rich, always changing taste. At first the spicyness of the Kékfrankos dominated but then the fruityness of the Pinot Noir took the kead and it is very nicely seconded by the rosy-flowery character of the Menoir and today this has nicely improved to become a really great redwine of Eger.