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Gál Lajos Olaszrizling 2009

An Olaszrizling from Egerszólát of the year 2009, one of the most important wines of our vinery, it is one of the “main host” wines. The so called main host wines of Eger are the Olaszrizling of Egerszólát, the siller of Eger and the Bikavér, the bulls’ blood of Eger. These are major wines themselves and above them are the unique wines, the specialities which are usually named after children of the winemakers and the selection wines. My goal with this wine has been to redefine the Hungarian tradition which is the production of Olaszrizling in Egerszólát. This wine originates from Kántortag and Tóbérc areas and there is a rather strict cap limit on production of around 60 hectoliters a hectare and in most production areas this limit is only 40. And my real goal with this wine was to create a kind, easily consumable, easy to understand wine for everyone’s glass. This wine is usually very fragrantly fruity, like at this moment, and the Egerszólát unique feature is that all wines from here are very flowery in fragrance and it also appears in its taste. There is a distinctly oily taste which was the hallmark of the great old Hungarian white wines and it makes this wine so good to drink, and more than one glass of it. Enjoy!