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András Bora 2006 Gál Lajos Pincészete

2006 András Bora It is a great honour that my father named this excellent wine after me. I don’t plan to become a vintner for the time being but as this is a family-run cellar so I can’t skip the chores in the cellar of course. Of course if I am thinking about that the master named one of his best wines after me I can say that the lot of barrel washing and bottle polishing was really worth it. So, about the wine then! It is a Cabernet sauvignon, merlot and turan cuvée, a fashionable, easy to like wine with characteristic Eger taste signatures. Intensive fragrance, red berry fruits dominate but you can scent vanilla, almonds, and tobacco. Emphasis is on the tannines, full bodied balanced acids, fruity tastes, focused, lot of content. A serious full-bodied red wine so I recommend emjoying it at 18-20 C degrees, especially with beef and games dishes. Enjoy!